Current as of: January 29th, 2017

Life on a Star Conferences have been held yearly since 1963.

John Hoffman as Meeting Chair finish before scheduel!!Each year, two chair-persons are selected  to design and bring to the conference a theme speaker, minister and workshop leaders of their choice, who will provide interesting and thought-provoking programs for all conferees.  The Chairs recruit all the adult leaders for our youth program.  The Chairs are responsible for all aspects of the program for their week.

Robert's Rules governs the meetingsThe LOAS conferences are governed by a group consisting of all current and former Chairs of both LOAS conferences.    The former chairs meet on-island during the conference and again in November to conduct ongoing business, make plans for the future and elect conference Chairs, Registrar and Treasurer.  They also elect a Coordinating Committee consisting of three people who, together with the Registrar and Treasurer, handle issues which arise between Chair meetings.

Inner workings of LOASThe structure of the Leadership team, their members and contact e-mails are listed below:

Coordinating Committee:
         Gifford King [Chair - off in 2017]
        Jamie Jensen [off in 2018]
        Will Ronco [off in 2019]

Social Hour happens here, too.John Pustell

The Registrars
     LOAS 1: 
Patti Emmons (2017 and 2018)
     LOAS II: Mary Heafy (2017 and 2018)

Provisioner, LOAS I:
     Gifford King
Provisioner, LOAS II:
     Matthew King 

Webmaster, LOAS:
     Darren Grebe

Patti made a Star Island Jeapordy GameScholarship Committee:
      Michele Kunz [off in 2017]
Stephanie Ronco [off in 2018]
Lisa Heisterkamp Davis [off in 2019]

PPACA (Child Protection) Committee:
Nancy Witherall (Chair) 
John Hoffman
     Julie Mabey
     Jennifer LaBarre
     Gemma Scott

Several years ago, the Star Island Corporation organized a Council of Conferences consisting of representatives from each week-long conference.  LOAS participates in this organization with representatives for both LOAS I and LOAS II. 

Council On Conferences Representative, LOAS I: (as of Nov 2017)
     Jill Brody
     Sara Whitford

     Wilma Ronco (alternate)

Council On Conferences Representative, LOAS II (as of Nov 2017)
     Phil Sears
     David House
     Diane Shriver (alternate)
     Myra Aaronson (alternate)

Please contact a member of the coordinating committee if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions.

Go to the LOAS I History and the LOAS II History to see the list of former Chairs. These pages will be updated soon to archive a complete history of LOAS I and II.



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