Talent Show Coordinator

Gifford King, the infamous Talent Show Host of LOAS II has written up a full description of the Emcee's duties - along with some suggestions. You can download the PDF right here!

The Talent Show is an opportunity for Shoalers—both youth and adult—to entertain us. The Show is traditionally a high point of the week.


·         Announce early in the week that there will be a Talent Show on a given night, starting at 8:00 P.M. Describe the range of entertainment that is customary.

·         Remind people that there are several venues for performance at LOAS 1. Suggest that—to prevent the Show from being too long—if people choose to entertain at the Musicale or at the Coffee House, they could consider giving others the first chance to entertain at the Talent Show.


·         Announce the “try out” times a couple of days before the Show.

o        Place a sign-up sheet for “try outs” on the Writing Table in the Lobby.

·         When reviewing potential acts:
o        Encourage brevity.
o        Try to use everyone who wishes to perform.
o        Stress appropriateness.
§         If a youth hopes to perform something that’s questionable, ask him or her, “Would you want your parent to see this?” or “Would your parent want to see this?”
§         Tell adults that 10-year-olds will probably remain after the “intermission” that allows younger kids to be put to bed.
§         Although props are the performers responsibility, make helpful suggestions.
§         Coach a performer if guidance will help.

Help from Star’s Conference Services:

·         Meet with the staffer from Conference Services to discuss how Star’s resources can support the Show.
o        You may require help with the sound system, with stage lights, and with props.
o        You may need Star’s Music Director as an accompanist.
o        Ask for drinking water and cups back-stage for the performers.

Help from Volunteers:

·         Ask someone to work the curtain. Usually a teen does the job.

·         Ask someone to work back-stage to cue the sound system so that any intended recorded music plays soon after an act is announced. Have the Sound Person MAKE SURE the music is cued up on whatever device they have.

Arranging the Show:

·         Limit solo acts to three minutes. Allow a bit more time for group acts.

·         Tell the performers to prepare and to await their turns in the Sandpiper Room, across from the Press Room.

·         Arrange for younger children to perform first, while sequencing the types of their performances for enjoyable pacing and variety.

·         Tell the first few performers to arrive early and be in place for a prompt curtain time.

·         Post an Order of Performance in the stage’s anteroom (Press Room) so that participants will know when to perform. This will limit unnecessary conversation.

·         When time, announce a 10-minute break for parents to put young children to bed.

·         Have an Interlocutor entertain the audience between acts that require a longer time to set up.

·         End the Show at 9:45 at the latest. Evening Chapel is at 10:00 P.M.



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