Softball Coach


 Pel/Conferee Annual Game

Near the end of the week, there is a softball game played on the infamous Star Island Softball Field between the Conferees (who choose to play) and the Pelicans (who are young, cut and play together all summer). The Softball Coach is to field a team and to try to win. 
    • Decide if you would like to hand out a Trophy for MVP and if so, bring it with you (past awards have included the Game Ball, singed by all players, Golden Gloves, Silver (mini) Bats, Certificates and Starbucks.
    • Announce at the Conference Orientation that we will need conferees to field a team to play softball against the Pels. Putting a signup sheet on the writing desk allows players to sign up. Here is a downloadable PDF file for the sign up sheet: Softball Sign Up Sheet
    • Suggest players be at least age 16 (because of past injuries).
    • Set up practice days (usually 2 to 3) in between other afternoon events. Do it early and make sure it shows up on the chalk board. Check with the Chairs to make sure there are no conflicts. (One suggestion is to have practices at 4pm on Monday & Wednesday and have the game on Thursday or Friday).
    • Play softball against the Pels and win or lose with dignity, grace and good humor.
    • Report the score or major accomplishments at the Final Banquet. Present the MVP award and if desired, congratulate/console the Pels (especially if there is a large LOAS component).
  • The setup of the team is your decision and who you pl;ay and when is all up to you. here are some of the structures that have been used in the past:

            Limit the amount of players to 20 to field two 10-person teams. They can alternate innings in the field or you can mix and match. With this, you then can bat all 20 in one batting order.  PRO: very easy to manage, everyone gets lots of playing time. equitable. CON: Hard to win. Some may be upset they cannot play.

            Allow for any amount of players and you can either set up one batting order, or if ambitous, you can bat 10 people and substitute as desired. PRO: Easiest way to get the best players on the field and in the batting order. Best chance to win. All can play. CON: Can certainly be unequal, as better players will play more. May get hurt feeling if someone does not play, or play enough. Much harder to manage.



Parent/Child Softball Game

The Coach is also responsible for a Parent/Child Softball game mid-week. This game does not always happen, depending on the schedule, but the kids LOVE it! Here are some specifics to help make the kids' game energetic, safe and fun.

    • For the Parent/Child Softball games, choose one of the non-practice/play days (i.e. Friday if the adult game is Thursday).
    • Make an announcement a few days before and make sure it show up on the chalkboard!
    • On the day of the game, the coordinator will decide (depending on who shows up) on team compliments and rules (children vs. adults, but the adults swing opposite, varied mix of both, adults can't play with gloves, etc. use your imagination).
    • It is recommended that the coordinator not play on either team, but be a constant pitcher or umpire. Dispute WILL occur and there needs to be one adult as the final word.
    • You may, at your discretion, offer some sort of prize to the winning KIDS, like Star Bucks or such. Check with the Chairs for options.


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