Social Hour Music Maestro 

The Adultsí Social Hour utilizes LOAS's Mobile Stereo System (which will be delivered to the designated area and should already be there) to flood the Social Hour area with background music (and to occasionally make announcements). A Maestro's job is to prepare music for each of the social hours. Expect to supply music for 7 sessions, each approximately 1 hour.

     - The preferred source for music would be an MP3 player, such as an iPod, iPhone, iPad or SmartPhone. There is a headphone plug to insert into the headphone jack of your device. 

     - You can either plan a "theme" of music fro each night, or shuffle the playlist or you can take requests. It's entirely up to you.

     - Don't be surprised or insulted when someone makes a comment on the music. Remember: you WILL NOT please all of the people, ANY time. So the shoot for the music you think will enhance the gathering.

    - Also remember that this is background music. Sing-a-longs don't generally go over well at social hour, unless it ties in with the theme.


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