Adults’ Social Hour Hosts 

The Adults’ Social Hour occurs each afternoon of the conference. It’s a time for mixing, munching and enjoying a glass of wine or beer. (For conferees who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, an alternative venue is usually offered in the Pink Parlor.) 


·      Consult with the LOAS Provisioner to learn the scope of the snacks and alcohol that the budget affords, and to learn what the Provisioner will order and what you must order. The provision provides wine, beer & sherry. No liquor is allowed to be served at social hour.

-        In some past years, people have purchased tickets for “Clams & Mussels." (This is a separate volunteer job.) Also, conferees have offered a wine-tasting. The budget may allow you to order hors d’oeuvres from Star’s kitchen on one day.

·      Consult with last year’s hosts to learn how they managed the set-up and the clean-up of glasses, snacks, and beverages each day.

-        The kitchen in Newton Center is your preparation area.

-        A Pelican from Star’s Conference Services may help with set-up and clean-up.

·      Consult the Chairs to decide the location of Social Hour.

-        In good weather, Social Hour can take place on the lawn of the Stone Village or on the Lindquist Deck. In windy or rainy weather, Social Hour occurs in Newton Center.

*        A Pel delivers and puts away the sound system each day.

*        Electrical outlets are in Parker (near lawn of Stone Village) and on the Lindquist Deck.

·      You may choose a theme for the Social Hour, and assign daily sub-themes to enhance humor and sociability. A balance that honors introverts and extroverts is wise.

-        Inform the Chairs if you plan themes; they’ll be listed in the Chairs’ Letter to Conferees so that people can plan in advance.

-        Consider bringing prizes—gag gifts—for winners of the daily theme contest.

·      Consider arranging with the LOAS Registrar to arrive on the conference’s first day on an early boat so that you can begin preparations for Social Hour.


·      On your arrival at Star, ask the Front Desk Clerk to help you contact Star’s liaison for Conference Services. Arrange for daily set-up and removal of tables, glasses, etc. Also confirm that you and the Music Appreciation Host have a spot for the sound system.

·      Prepare your snacks in the kitchen and set up tables and glasses at 5:15.

·      The Social Hour runs from 5:30 to 6:15. At 6:10, inform parents that they must leave to pick up their children from their Social Hour(s) at 6:15.

·      Welcome the participants; at about 5:45 present a competition around the theme; award a prize for the person who best represents the theme.

·      Verbally solicit contributions to help pay for refreshments. (No signs with written amounts may be posted at Social Hour.)

-        You may set a “Contribution Basket” on a table with snacks, but not with liquor.

·      LOAS’s liability insurance does not cover damage to persons and property that results from intoxication.

·      People under the age of 21 may not be present where alcohol is being served.

·     Clean up the area at the end of the Social Hour.


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