Porch Bell Ringer

The position of Porch Bell Ringer is one of delegation. You could literally go though the entire week without ringing the bell yourself as a flock of kids will be asking you if they could ring the bell!

Coordinate with the Chairpeople and the Conference Services Coordinator to determine the schedule of events that will require ringing the bell.

You can create a sign-up sheet if you choose, but remember that you will be working with small children, so planning anything can be a challenge. It might be easiest to choose your "ringer" at that moment.

     - Bell strikes will be single, sharp, clear strikes.
     - Mealtime bell strikes will be instigated by the Island's Hostess. Only she determines that it's time.
     - Mealtime bell strikes HAVE to have a warning called out, loud and clear, to warn of the loud noise. A
       simple "BELL!" will suffice.


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