New Shoalers’ Orientation Tour

 The goal of this half-hour tour is to introduce the New Shoalers to the major buildings and landmarks that they will need to know at the beginning of their stay on Star.

 ·     Before arriving on Star, ask the Chairs or Registrar for a list of New Shoalers.

 ·     Ask the Desk Clerk at Front Desk in Oceanic Lobby for copies of the Star Island map for each New Shoaler.

 ·     The New Shoalers will have been instructed in the Chairs’ Letter to New Shoalers to meet at the “Island Tours” sign on the East Porch at 4:00 P.M.

 ·     Introduce yourselves as the Tour Leaders. Ask the New Shoalers to introduce themselves to the group.

 ·     Distribute the maps and begin your tour of the nearby buildings, meeting places, and landmarks. Explain that the far-flung points of interest await their exploration—with a companion—on another day, if they choose.

 ·     Explain basic traditions—like the silent walk to and from Evening Chapel, customs of the week like Social Hour, the Musicale, the Pel Show and the Talent Show—that aren’t discussed at the upcoming meeting with the Star Island Manager.

 ·     Ask if each New Shoaler has found his or her Old Shoaler contact. Help those who have not yet met their Old Sholaers to find them. 

·     Return from the tour at 4:30 P.M., in time for the mandatory Island Orientation regarding safety and boundaries by the Star Island Manager in Elliott Hall.


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