Coordinator of New Shoaler—Old Shoaler Contact

 1) Try to pair New Shoalers with Old Shoalers who have loads of experience and many friends at Star. Choosing Old Shoaler contacts who are, for example, past Chairs, would be very effective in getting newcomers connected socially. Whereas New Shoalers will naturally gravitate to other conferees having common interests (e.g., kids), having an Old Shoaler contact who is steeped in the society and traditions of Star will broaden the New Shoaler’s experience. 

2) Ask the Registrar or Chair for a list of the LOAS 1 conferees who are (1) New Shoalers attending without Old Shoaler family members, and for (2) Old Shoalers who indicated on their registration forms that they’d be happy to contact New Shoalers.

 3) Phone or email the Old Shoalers and ask if they are still willing to befriend a new person or family. The tasks of the Old Shoaler contacts are:

-          to answer questions that the New Shoaler(s) may have;

-          to meet the New Shoaler(s) at the dock in Portsmouth—helping compensate for the overwhelming atmosphere of “someone else’s family reunion” that the New Shoaler(s) may feel;

-          to dine with the New Shoaler(s) on Monday evening, meeting outside the dining hall at 6:25 P.M. to enter on the first bell, and to find seating before the others rush in.  

4) Give the name, phone number and email address of the New Shoaler(s) to a participating Old Shoaler contact, asking him or her to get in touch soon after you send a letter of introduction to the New Shoaler(s).

-          As the coordinator, it could be helpful to review the dates of birth and connect people whose ages are within a decade of each other. 

5) When you have assigned a New Shoaler to an Old Shoaler contact, quickly send a letter of introduction to the New Shoaler to:

   -introduce yourself as the Coordinator of New Shoaler—Old Shoaler Contacts;

   -introduce the Old Shoaler contact by giving the name, phone number and email address—explaining that the Old Shoaler should be in contact soon. 

   -For a Microsoft Word doc with the letter template, please click this link: New Shoaler Letter


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