Name Tag Creator

A name tag contains information to help fellow conferees connect with each other. New Shoalers appreciate all the help they can get–and give–with a name tag. Old Shoalers can put a name to a face from the past and continue to grow in relationship. 

Using a Computer for Data Input, Formatting and Printing 

o        Ask the Registrar for a sorted List of Conferees that contains the following fields:

First Name, Last Name, New Shoaler, City, State.

  • Use a software program to translate the information for each conferee to a name tag format. E.g.,

•  The first name is most prominent, at the top.

•  The last name is less prominent, in the middle.

•  The city and state are the least prominent, at the bottom.

•  The designation as a New Shoaler is at the lower-right corner. It’s helpful to make this designation a noticeable graphic, e.g. a colorful star.

·   Finally, you can add LOAS 1 or 2, the current year, and a discrete design at the upper-left of the tag.


  • It’s important to choose a legible type font. People like to read a name tag quickly.
  • For accuracy, check your formatted data against your original list.
  • After evaluating the formatted text for a proper fit, print the data on perforated name tag stock.

Assembling the Name Tags

  • Purchase plastic name tag covers.

- Covers with pins work well.

- Place a small piece of adhesive tape on the back of the cover, preventing the tag from falling out. 

Distributing the Name Tags

o         If possible, arrive at Rye Harbor by noon or 12:30. You may be sharing a table with whomever is distributing luggage tags for the room assignments at Star.

o         Package all unclaimed name tags and–once on Star–place them on Oceanic’s Lobby Desk. Write on the Message Board, “Pick up unclaimed name tags here.”

Note: Bring extra stock to make replacements for people with new information or who have lost their name tags.


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