Musicale Host

The Musicale is the presentation of a musical evening on Star, reminiscent of Victorian times. It occurs in the Lobby of the Oceanic Hotel, itself of Victorian vintage. The tone is refined, usually featuring trained musicians.


    Check with the chairs to find out which day the Musicale will be held.


    When you arrive on island, contact Star’s Music Director to discuss auditions and plans for the Musicale.

      Post an Audition Sheet on the Lobby’s “Sign-up Table.”

          - List the time of the Musicale.

          - List the time of the Auditions.

          - Number the sheet with 15 blank slots.

  • On Saturday evening at the Conference Orientation make an announcement regarding the Musicale.
    • Describe the Musicale as an opportunity for musicians to share their talents with us.

      Tell interested people to sign the Audition Sheet and attend the audition, bringing any necessary sheet music.

    On the day of the  musicale, discuss with Star’s Conference Services representative, available on the bench near the Front Desk for fifteen minutes before each meal,  preparations for the Musicale.

      You may need one or two microphones with the sound system, music stands, and a couple of stools.

            Chairs must be arranged for the audience.

            Find someone to lower and raise the lights at the performance on your signal


The Musicale presents a range of abilities from enjoyable parlor music to polished performances.

      Offer positive evaluations.

      For a New Shoaler whose presentation is not suitable for the Musicale, having a different tone, you can suggest that the Talent Show or the Starlight Cafe may be a better venue.

      Take care not to duplicate presentations that would be in the Talent Show.

    Measure the duration of each presentation so that you can predict the length of the program. The program is about an hour in length.

    Develop the program with balance and variety from one presentation to the next.

  • Present any children at the beginning of the program.


    Ask the performers to gather in the Pink Parlor at 7:45 P.M.

    At 8:15, lower the lights and wait briefly for the audience to become silent.

    Welcome the audience.

    Introduce each performer with enthusiasm, telling the person’s name and the musical selection.

    Close the performance by thanking the audience and the performers.

                - Ask members of the audience to help return the chairs to their appropriate places.


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