Director of Morning Wake-Up Singers

Star Island has the custom of waking the conferees each morning with a roving band of singers.

    On your arrival at Star, see the hotelís Desk Clerk.

  • Ask for the cache of wake-up songs. Choose six songs - one for each morning on Star.
  • Also ask the Desk Clerk to mark a map of the Island with your "wake-up route." Take particular care to note the areas to avoid. For example, do not go to areas where Pels are sleeping.
  • Make a short announcement at dinner on day of arrival.

      Explain that you are recruiting a chorus to sing the conferees awake each morning.

      Tell recruits to meet you in the hotel lobby each morning to learn the dayís song.

      • Meet for the next five days at 7:00 A.M.
      • Meet at 6:40 on the final morning, since breakfast is at 7:15 and boarding the ferry starts at 8:00 A.M.

    Before teaching the song in the morning, gather the following information:

      • the breakfast menu from the Dining Hallís Menu Board;
      • the water temperature from the Chief Polar Bear;
      • the weather report from the Desk Clerk.

    Once your group is in tune each morning, make the rounds of the two hotels, the cottages, and the motel units. At each destination, sing your song. Follow it by barking the time, water and air temperatures, weather report, and breakfast menu.

  • Take care at Oceanic to avoid the Pelicanís quarters. Traditionally, you would sing on the second and third floors, but not on the stairway.
  • Sing on the second and third floors of Gosport Hotel.
  • Like the Pied Piper, you may draw followers. Some will be small, so walk at a comfortable pace for your group.


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