Morning Coffee Hosts

     Early morning beverages are for early risers: birdwatchers, polar bears, wake-up singers, etc. The station is located on the front porch of the Oceanic Hotel.

Conference services provides Pelicans for preparing the station, replenishing coffee and hot water and removing the station later. Supervise the serving of hot beverages: coffee, tea and cocoa each morning from 7 - 8.

     Make sure you have baskets and signs for dirty and clean spoons as well as signs for the different types of milk products. (Note that it is really better to have labels on the containers as the containers get shuffled around.) Check for trash cans and point people to the recycling bins.

     Let the Pel know if you are running low on anything - let them know that we go through a lot of cocoa packages! If you are running low, go to the front desk and have them alert the Pel. (some early morning Pels are more on the ball than others.)

     Try to keep the station as neat as possible by cleaning up and wiping up spills. The Pel can provide you with rags for this purpose.  Supervise youngsters who need help. The hot water is very hot! Watch where they put the dirty spoons. Advise them how to clean up after themselves.

     A separate small table for the cocoa will help things move along more smoothly.

When the breakfast bell rings, it is time to close up shop for the morning. The Pels will clean the station up.


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