Marshmallow Roast Coordinator


Upon arrival on the island, check with Conference Services Coordinator to let him/her know the date and time of the bonfire. The Conference Services person usually sits on the bench by the Front Desk for 15 minutes before every meal.

Request marshmallows and sticks.

Arrange for someone to lead songs (playing a guitar?). The island Music Director may be able to help you identify someone to lead the singing.

Make announcements. Remind people that children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Island staff will let you know if the location of the bonfire will have to be moved at the last minute, due to wind conditions of if it will need to cancelled. If the bonfire does have to be cancelled due to weather conditions, plan to have a sing-a-long on the front porch.

At the bonfire, welcome people, supervise the distribution of sticks, introduce the singer, and, at the end of the festivities, announce that it is time to go (the bonfire usually lasts about an hour).

Although Conference Services will be there to set up and light the fire, please tell him/her that you will be the designated person to put out the fire. You must be present until the end. After the fire is put out, let the Front Desk know. The night crew will double-check the fire pit later that evening.


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