Ice Breaker Coordinator

The Ice Breaker occurs after dinner and before the Conference Orientation. Its goal is to encourage many people to meet and interact in an engaging way. Its real goal is to get people laughing so hard that their endorphins allow them to enjoy making contact with people who stepped on their feet on the ferry without saying, ďExcuse me.Ē Actually, simply getting people to greet each other and engage in a jovial way will be a job well done.

Time: First evening of LOAS  from 8:00 to 8:20 P.M. or at social hour - check with the chairs to see what their preference is.

Location: Oceanicís Lobby or social hour


    Choose an activity that causes two distinguishable groups of people to interact with each other.

          - Prepare enough material for about 100 people.

      - For example, give a member of one group a riddle for which a member of the other group has the solution. The humor comes from the solutionís being incontrovertible but unexpected.

      - Or, try a game that has a pair of people finding a solution to a puzzle by question-and- answer. E.g., a player has an historical personís name on his or her back and must ask another player questions to determine the identity.

    Design the props so that people will know whom to approach.

      Keep the cost of materials below $10 unless you wish to donate materials.

    Write clear directions and test them on a few people off island. This experimentation will help you determine timing, since itís important during an ice breaker to keep a dynamic pace.


    Welcome the participants promptly and explain that the game will last for about 10 minutes.

    Read the instructions and start the game.

    At the appointed time, stop the interaction.


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