Final Party Facilitator for Junior High Youth Group

See job description for senior high and just substitute "junior high". Recently, a cost saving measure is to combine both the senior and junior high parties, as the individual parties tend to be lightly attended.



Final Party Facilitator for Senior High Youth Group

Traditionally, the Appledores have a farewell party on the final evening of LOAS. The party starts at 10:00 P.M. and continues until midnight.

The party serves three purposes: it’s an enjoyable closure to the week’s activities; if offers a chance for important farewells for those entering their final year of junior/high school (or going off to college); it gives the youth another opportunity to behave responsibly.


    The Chairs recruit the Facilitator to help the Youth Coordinator with food, decorations, oversight and clean-up.

        o The Youth Coordinator supplies food and beverages.
        o The Facilitator brings low-budget decorations to Star.

    The Facilitator, the Youth Coordinator, the Appledore youth group leaders, and the Appledores will meet mid-week to plan the party. They will discuss behavioral expectations, food, music, activities, clean-up and curfew.


The party now takes place in the Snack Bar area.


    Two days before the party, the Youth Coordinator speaks with the liaison to Conference Services (ask at Front Desk of Oceanic) about the party.

        o They make sure the area is available and ready
        o They agree on the level of clean-up that is requested from the Appledores and the Facilitator after the party.

    On the day before the party, the Facilitator attends a meeting with the Youth Coordinator and the Appledores’ parents to discuss a level of discreet oversight at 45-minute intervals.

        o One way to drop in is to ask if the kids have enough food and drink.
        o Another way to drop in is to use the snack bar if it's opened.

    On the day of the party, the Facilitator works with the Appledores to offer help decorating the area.

    Also, on the afternoon of the party, the Youth Coordinator gives the facilitator the refreshments to set up after the Grand March.

    The Facilitator greets the Appledores at 10:00 p.m. and turns over the space to them.

    The Facilitator, or an adult designee, will help end the party at midnight and will work with the Appledores to put the area in suitable order.


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