Hosts of Final Party for Adults

The Final Party takes place in both rooms of Newton Center after Evening Chapel. The time period is usually from 10:00 P.M. until midnight. Since alcohol will be served at the party, New Hampshire’s liquor law prohibits people under the age of 21.


    Contact the LOAS Provisioner, to arrange beverages and food for refreshments. You should also learn the amount of your food budget

  •  Provide a non-alcoholic punch. You can also provide soda, plus some wine and beer from the Social Hour’s stocks.
  •  Provide munchies like mini-pretzels and chips.
  • Depending on your budget, you can order prepared food from Star’s kitchen. Usually, this food consists of a platter of crackers and cheese, a platter of vegetables and dip, and a couple of platters of nachos.
  • Bring great music, tapes or CDs, for dancing at the party. Dancing takes place in the front room.
    • Talk with Conference Services the day before the party to:

  • Arrange the set-up of refreshment tables;
  • Arrange the set-up of sound equipment;
  • Determine the extent of the cleaning up that Conference Services expects.
  • Ask the leaders of the Scholarship Auction to remove the auction items before the party.
    • Recruit helpers.

      Decorate the back room. (Check with the leaders of the Starlight Café to learn if their decorations will remain festooned in the back room of Newton throughout LOAS 2. If so, for LOAS 1, you may decide to use fewer decorations of your own.) Simplicity is the guideline. No helium balloons are allowed since helium is prohibited on the ferry, and the balloons impact the island and ocean environment adversely.

      Arrange the food in the back room near the kitchen.

      Stock the tables of refreshments so long as the food and drinks last.

      Assign a DJ for the evening.

      Tell any remaining revelers just before midnight that boarding for the ferry starts at 8:00 A.M.

      Arrange a clean-up crew. For any people who don’t want to leave at midnight, recruit them to help as well.



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