The Final Banquet is a celebration of our week together. The atmosphere is more formal to befit the occasion; decorations in the Dining Room and on the tables, a printed Program (printing a program is optional), a celebratory menu, and the opportunity to dress with more formality.

The Banquet Hosts are the masters of ceremony for the array of events in the Program. These events are a microcosm of the week, invoking the spirit, showing our appreciation for those who work so that we can play, eating with delight, praising athletic accomplishment, honoring our children, thanking the volunteers who give energy and creativity to the week’s success, looking ahead to next year by naming new Chairs, and dancing a march of amazing energy and joy as a testimonial to shared community.


Funds are quite limited for this event, so please be frugal unless you plan to donate material.


      Consider forming a small group of helpers.

      Plan to provide simple decorations in the Dining Room.

- Avoid helium balloons since helium is illegal to transport on the ferry.

- Avoid small items that will fall on the floor and make it difficult for the staff to sweep up

- If decorating with vinyl balloons take care to keep them from leaving the dining room. To prevent the balloons’ damaging wildlife, deflate all balloons after the banquet and dispose of the pieces off Island.

- If a volunteer has not stepped forward to create the Table Decorations, find someone to do so and coordinate the room & table decor.

    Produce a Program (again, optional) that is formatted as an 8.5" X 11" folded sheet of paper. Make 150 copies. Place Programs at the tables at every other place setting.

      Suitable text for the Cover tells the location, Conference Name, date, Theme, Chairs, and Banquet Hosts.

      Also consider putting a graphic on the Cover.

      The second page is available for quotations of Star Island wisdom.

      The third page lists the order of the Program’s events: Invocation; Clap out the Waitrae; Meal; Clap out the Waitrae, Bakers, Dishwashers, Snackies, the Butter-Cutter, Cooks, Hostess; Children’s Recession to Elliott Hall; Athletic Awards; Acknowledgments by the Conference Chairs; Announcement of next year’s LOAS 1 Chairs; Grand March.

      It’s helpful to put the lyrics to the "Star Island Song" on the back page, plus the "Star Island Cheer."*

      Produce the Programs off Island. Send a copy to the Chairs, the manager of Conference Services,  and to the Head of Food Services.

      Once on Island: Contact the Head of Food Services to estimate when the meal will end.

      Contact the coordinator of Post-Banquet Child Care to determine how the younger children will recess from the Dining Room. Decide whether or not to accompany their recession with celebratory music.

      Contact the leader of the Grand March to discuss the music for the Grand March, and to coordinate the end of the Banquet and beginning of the March.

      Contact the Island Music Director to confirm music for the Grand March.

      Invite the Minister of the Week to make the Invocation.


      On the morning of the Banquet, ask the Dining Room staff when (after lunch) you and your helpers may begin decorating the room.

      Review with the Chairs the timing of their portion of the testimonials.

      At 6:35 P.M. begin the Invocation with the Minister of the Week, followed by the Clapping of the waitrae into the kitchen and the Meal

      By 7:15 proceed with the rest of the program so that the Grand March can begin at 8:00.

      Remove decorations after the Banquet and dispose of any waste-paper products off-island.





    Final Banquet Table Decorations

Coordinate with the Banquet Hosts to create a table design that harmonizes with the room decorations. Depending on the Hosts' desires, you may design the entire table or just a centerpiece. There will be flowers on each table, so do not add flowers or make flowers the focal point.

Understand that the budget for this is essentially $0, unless you decide to donate any materials being used.

A popular technique is to coordinate with one of the youth group leaders to have a youth group create some parts (paper tablecloths for drawing/painting, found objects for centerpieces, etc.).

When the program is over, you would be responsible (with the Hosts) to clean up and remove the table decorations. If kids' projects were involved, make sure the kids know to pick them up after the banquet.


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