Clams & Mussels Coordinator 

LOAS  has an option to serve clams and mussels during one of the adult Social Hours. Usually, the Chairs, the Provisioner, and the Social Hour hosts concur to offer this event. The Chairs will then recruit a Coordinator to announce, tally participants, and collect the cost of participation. 

1)   Identify yourself to the Provisioner as the Coordinator of Clams & Mussels.

 2)  Your job begins on Star once the Provisioner tells you the day that the clams and mussels will be provided.

 3)  Determine from the Provisioner the cost per person for the clams and mussels.

 4)  Prepare a sign-up sheet to record a participating person’s name and payment. Place the sheet on the “Sign-up Desk” in the lobby.

 5) Announce at Saturday evening's orientation  the scheduled day and the price of the clams and mussels, plus the location of the sign-up sheet.

 6)   You may find it convenient to bring the sign-up sheet to Social Hour for a couple of days and collect payments there.

 5)   Make a simple accounting of your sales and give the collected money to the Treasurer.


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