Children’s Hotel-Door Sign Creator

The Management of Star Island assigns rooms at the Oceanic Hotel for families with children aged eight years and younger. Each room with a child aged eight or younger requires a name plate for that child on the door. This is for safety and convenience.


    By grouping children in an accessible place, staff (Pelicans) can search more easily for children in an emergency, such as a fire or a storm, that requires evacuation.

    Also, the name plates help a Pelican learn the locations of children when he or she provides “group child-monitoring” at a hallway station each night from 8:00-11:00.


    Obtain a list from the LOAS registrar of the names of all children under eight years of age who will be staying in the Oceanic Hotel.

    Make a name plate (measuring approximately 11” x 4”) with the first name of each child in a particular room.

      - If a child is two years of age or younger, include the child’s age on the name plate.

    Also, bring blank sign plates to Star in case you must change or add a new sign.

    Arrange with the LOAS Registrar for a list of room assignments at Oceanic when you arrive on Star. Check your stock of name plates with the guest list to make sure that your signage is accurate.

    Attach the name plates to the appropriate doors.


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