Children's Carnival Coordinator

    The children in the Lunging, Cedar and Duck Youth Groups are treated to a Carnival and Field Day on the front lawn of Star. The coordinators are typically young adults who have the energy, imagination and charisma to run such an activity. The Junior High Youth Group (Smuttynose) traditionally staffs the activities under the coordinators’ guidance.


      Confirm the Carnival’s time and date with the Chairs.

      Before arriving on Star, ask the Chairs for the names of the Youth Coordinator and the Leaders of the Junior High Youth Group. Contact the Youth Coordinator to plan the logistics of timing, activities, materials and oversight. Share your conclusions with the Junior High Leaders.

            - Ask the Youth Coordinator for the amount of the budget for the Carnival.

            - Aim for simple, safe activities that involve crafts, feats of skill and entertainment.

        Consider “spin art,” face painting, soap bubbles, ring tossing, sponge tossing, relay racing, a “fish pond,” fortune telling, and hide-and-seek (and dunk) the Senior Highs.

          Avoid eating, avoid materials, such as latex balloons, that will endanger or clutter Star’s ecology.

        If providing “spin art,” determine if you must bring batteries, paint and paper for the two machines that reside on Star.

Procedure on Star:

      · Inform the leaders of the Lower, Middle and Upper Elementary Youth Groups  of the Carnival’s date and time.

      · Arrange a time with the Smuttynose Group to explain the event, to recruit and train activity leaders, and to possibly brainstorm ideas.

        While training, emphasize that the Smutties should act respectfully and encouragingly with the younger kids and among themselves.

        Explain that Smutties also help with the set-up and clean-up of the Carnival.

        Foster safe practices.

      · On the second day of the conference, contact Star’s liaison for Conference Services to determine the equipment; tables, chairs, etc. that Star can provide. The Desk Clerk can guide you to the liaison. 

              · Publicize the Carnival.

      · The Carnival’s traditional closing activity is to “hide and seek (and dunk) the Senior Highs” who come at the end. When a kid finds a Senior, the kid leads the Senior to the ocean for a dunk. Consider substituting or including the Jr. Highs if that works better.

              · Have fun!

              · After the Carnival, praise the Smutties in a public forum for their service.

For Next Year:

      Immediately after the Carnival, note the successful and unsuccessful procedures.

        Augment this job description with corrections and with a list of this year’s successful activities and their required materials.

        Give guidelines about procedures that do or do not work well.

        Email your notes to next year's chairs.


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