Chief Polar Bear

The Chief Polar Bear encourages Shoalers to partake of a daily early-morning dip in the ocean. Often, the Chief Polar Bear employs a theme for the week, plus ridiculous costuming, special recognition and prizes for those who participate. For some reason, the Chief’s goal is to spur every Shoaler to participate.


    Consider a theme for the week, plus costuming that draws attention to your mission.

    Design a badge to award each Polar Bear. Number each badge in ascending numerical order, since Polar Bearing is an evangelical activity that seeks daily converts.

      o For those who repeatedly take the polar fling, devise a method - e.g., numerical stickers, color-coded marking - to distinguish their daily progress.

    · Since you can award a daily prize for outstanding valor in the category of your choice, or can award several prizes at the week’s end, consider bringing some gag gifts to Star.


    Upon your arrival at Star, ask the Front Desk Clerk to direct you to Star’s liaison for Conference Services.

      o Introduce yourself as the Chief Polar Bear and explain that you will be leading the Polar-Bearing at the dock from 7:00-7:45 each morning. You must arrange for a lifeguard to be present at the dock for this activity.

    Ask the Chairs for a moment at the Conference Orientation to explain Polar Bearing.

      o Explain that the sport is for thermally-hearty swimmers and that people should bring a towel and something warm to wear after the dunk.

      o Explain the qualifications for becoming a Polar Bear. Traditionally, a child has been required to enter the water to the neck, whereas an adult has been required to submerge. As Chief, you’re the arbiter of the requirements, depending on weather & temperature, that a person must satisfy.

    Prepare a chart for names, in ascending numerical order, of participating Polar Bears.

    Arrive at the dock each morning of the conference, weather permitting, just before 7:00. Greet each Polar Bear, record his or her name, and give a badge when he or she comes out of the water.

          o You could ask the Chalkboard Scheduler to update the tally of Polar Bears.

    Remind the Polar Bears that warm drinks are available from 7:00-7:45 on the porch or in the lobby each morning and that breakfast starts at 8:00.

    Last, but not least, a Chief Polar Bear leads by example.



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