Intergenerational Chapel Service Leader

This Service helps teach the tradition of Evening Chapel Services on Star Island, so that the youth will grow to appreciate this wonderful ritual.

    1) Plan a short evening Service, of 15 to 20 minutes, that would be appealing to all ages. You may include stories, songs, live music and a message.

    A well-planned interactive component, such as a conversation, an invitation to contribute, movement, song, or simple crafting of a communal symbol can be very engaging.

    2) Arrange at the beginning of the week to have Starís Music Director play the Chapelís organ, if desired. You may also invite volunteer musicians to participate.

    3) Let Conference Services know that you want the chapel lanterns lit and ready for a 7:15 P.M. Chapel Service.

    4) If you would like to have flowers, contact our volunteer Chapel Flower Arranger.

    5) The bellís ringing helps to make the silent procession special for the youth.

    6) Meet the families at the east end of the porch at 7:10 P.M. to explain the tradition of carrying lanterns silently to and from the Chapel while the bell rings. Set a tone of reverence at this point. Remind the participants that each of them and each lantern brings light to the Chapel.

    7) On the afternoon of your Service remind the various helpers; Pels with lanterns, the Bell Ringer, the musician(s) that the Intergenerational Chapel Service will occur at 7:15 P.M.



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