Chapel Bell Ringers

  • Ask for bell-ringing lessons from an Island Staff member/experienced bell ringer. Your ring should be slow and measured, once every 6-10 seconds.

    • Bell-tolling times are:

        • the beginning of Morning Chapel at 8:45 on Sunday through Saturday;

        • the beginning of the Intergenerational Chapel at 7:10 pm on that evening;

        • the beginning of Evening Chapel. The time is variable from 9:30 to 10:00 on Saturday through Friday, depending on the evening’s activity. Check with the Chairs for the schedule.

        To ring the chapel bell:

            a. Enter the chapel bell tower through the door on the north side of the tower.

            b. Grasp the bell rope and pull down with a firm, but slow, motion until the bell rings once. Release the rope slowly.

            c. Count to 8 and repeat.

            d. Do not ring the bell any faster than at six-second intervals, so the ringing bell will not be confused with a fire alarm.


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