Chalk Board Scribe

 1) Chalk and erasers are supposedly available from the Lobby Desk, put bring your favorite set of colors!

 2) Arrive on the early ferry, if possible, to post the first day's schedule for conferee arrival. (Notify the LOAS Registrar in order to be on the boat list)

 3) Complete the schedule for the next day before evening chapel. (The Conference Chairs will give you the next day's information the day before) The back side of the chalkboard can be used to start the next day's schedule and kept turned to the wall until the start of evening chapel.

 4) You and the Conference Chairs have sole power over what is written on the board.  A second board will be available for miscellaneous announcements and postings by others.  Erase any unauthorized entries from the main schedule board.

 5) Stay in contact with the Conference Chairs to note any changes in the schedule that may need to be altered on the board.

 6) Neatness and clarity count.  Artistry is always appreciated.  Timeliness is a must.

Recently, a new, neon, removable chalkboard system was used so that the board could be created separately and then hung on the chalkboard. Consider this option as well.


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