Bingo Coordinator/Caller

 Bingo is a popular and fun event that benefits the island, full of cheering and good humor. Expect a turnout of 50 to 60 people of all ages for this very multigenerational activity. The game pieces are usually stored with the youth supplies, so the Youth Coordinator can get them for you on island.

The game runs on StarBucks, $1 coupons redeemable only at the snack bar. (They need to be guarded, as they serve as currency, so don't leave them strewn about your room.) You can get last year's design from the people who did it last year, or you can have fun creating your own. (They fit three on a page If sized similar to a dollar bill.)  Before the event, the Bingo Coordinator discusses the StarBucks with the 
Snackies (the Pels who run the Snack Bar) and arranges to give them real cash immediately following the game in proportion to the StarBucks awarded as prizes.

The Coordinator needs to recruit several volunteers to run the event. Several of these tasks could be combined and done by one person, or you can create a large team of helpers.

1. A couple of people to sell bingo cards, at $1.00 per card, shortly before the event begins. Be sure the cost is on the chalkboard and is mentioned in any announcemens, so no one will be surprised that there is a charge to play. Emphasize that this is an event that offers financial support to the island.

2. Helpers to set out bingo chips on each table.

3. Someone to "call" the numbers and someone to read back the winning card before awarding the prize.

4. A banker to announce what the winner gets for each game. The prize usually starts at a couple of dollars and creeps up to a whopping $10.00 at the end of the evening.

To make the evening more exciting, someone (it could be the banker, or another volunteer) can award random prizes between games. For example, s/he might ask who has a birthday in June, or on the 15th of any month, or who celebrated a double-digit birthday this year, etc. Anyone who answers correctly gets a StarBuck. This spreads out the winnings and makes the event more fun, as it keeps one or two people from raking in lots of StarBucks while others get none. This is a critical role because the prize awarder needs to set a pace of giving out StarBucks so that we do not exceed the dollars taken in from selling cards, and so that the event lasts about an hour without running out of StarBucks.

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