Silent Auction Coordinator

You will be responsible for organizing and running the silent auction, the proceeds of which go into our Lee Reid Scholarship Fund. The first thing you will need to do is contact all of the conferees. This can be done in a number of ways. You may mail a letter to everyone, you may send a group e-mail to all of the conferees, you can ask the chairs to include your information in the letter they mail to the conferees in July, or you can do any combination. It is critical to have the conferees think about what they want to donate or make for the silent auction before they leave for Star, otherwise, they will not be able to participate.

Below is a sample of a letter that was sent out in 2004.

Before you arrive on Star, you will need to make copies of a bidding sheet. The bidding sheet should contain the following information at the top of each sheet:

        Name of item, donor of item, starting bid, and the minimum increment for bids.

Then make four columns down the length of the sheet: bidder name, amount of bid, bidder name and amount of bid.

You will need to bring the following items with you to the island:

        Bidder sheets, pencils, tape, push pins and any material you wish to use to decorate the tables which will contain the auction items.

The auction is usually set-up in Newton front, however, check with the chairs to see if they have a different location in mind.

At the orientation on the first night, introduce yourself, tell people how to get their items to you, when the auction will begin and when it will close. In the past few years, the auction has been closing at the end of social hour on Thursday night. The auction used to close at the end of social hour on Banquet night, however, people found it was difficult to get everyone to pay and hand out their items, get to the banquet on time and then  they were spending Friday evening tracking people down to pay and give them their items.

If you have one really nice item, you could consider holding a separate raffle for that item. If so, plan on bringing raffle tickets with you and also check with the donor to see if they are agreeable with the idea.

On Thursday night, have the social hour hosts announce when the auction will be ending. At the appointed time, go around and circle the highest bid on each sheet. Have a table set-up where the highest bidders may pay you. You an accept either cash or checks made payable to "LOAS". Turn the money over to the treasurer.

Keep track of who owes you money and who has not picked up their items. Sometimes people will pay during social hour and forget to pick up their items before they go to dinner. All auction items need to be out of Newton by the end of the banquet so people can begin to set-up for the final party.

Download a Microsoft Word™ document of a sample auction request letter: Auction Item Letter


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