After-Banquet Children’s Activity

After the Banquet and the clapping of appreciation for the Dining Room and Kitchen staff, the younger children are usually ready for a change of scene. Traditionally, the children go next door into the lobby or pink parlor for an activity that lasts 30-45 minutes while the adults finish the testimonials at the Banquet. After the Banquet, the adults will pass through the lobby to either include their children in the Grand March.


    Bring several, to offer a choice, half-hour videos that are suitable for ages two through 10. If you decide to show a video, arrange with Conference Services, the day before the Banquet, to provide a TV and VCR by 7:00 P.M.

    Ask the Banquet hosts if they have planned musical accompaniment for the children’s recession into the lobby. Light fanfare for the kids can be fun.


    The Master of Ceremonies will announce the time, between 7:15-7:30, for the children to go to the lobby. The emcee will then introduce you as the leaders of the after-banquet children’s activity.

    Stand in a prominent place for the children to see, and lead them from the Dining Room. Explain to the children that they will spend some time with you until the Grand March passes through. At that time, a guardian will either take them on the March, or put them to bed. Enterain the children until the Grand March occurs. Then help each child find his or her parent.


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