The following is a list of the volunteer positions for LOAS II. We are currently in the process of including a description of each volunteer position. If you would like to Volunteer for a position, contact 
Ken and Elizabeth
Current: May 10th, 2019

Position Filled

X Art Show Coordinator Judy Samuelson
  After Banquet Children's Activities  
  Bingo Coordinator/Callers  
X Chalkboard Scribe Jane Ladner
X Chapel Bell Ringer - Morning Topher Soltys
X Chapel Bell Ringer - Evening Diane Cohen
X Chapel Flowers

Judy Samuelson

X Chapel Service - Intergenerational Amy Strano
X Chief Polar Bear Cece Braun
X Children's Bedtime Story Teller Jessica Falconer and Shelly & Bob Bader
  Children's Carnival Coordinator  
X Children's Hotel Room Signs June Cerveny
X Final Banquet Hosts Bill and Jen LaBaire
X Final Banquet Table Decorations Ali Gibson
X Final Party - Adults Amy Strano, Mark Gibson & Amber Gaumnitz
X Final Party - Teens Jessica Falconer
  Final Party - Children  
  Grand March Marshall  
  Ice Breaker Creator  
  LIVE Auction Coordinator  
  Marshmallow Roast/Bonfire  
X Morning Wake-Up Singers Tina Mayer
X Mussels & Clam Provisioner Carolyn and Rich Dahab
X Musicale Host Alison Green
X Name Tag Creator Kim Tyner
X Name Tag Distributors
X New Shoalers' Orientation

Judy Samuelson

X New-Old Shoaler Contacts Valli & Scott Blaydon
  Porch Bell Ringers  
  Rainy Day Activities Coordinator  
  Service Project Coordinator  
  SILENT Auction Coordinators  
  Softball Coach - Pel/Conferee  
X Softball Coach - Kids/Parents Peter Sternick
X Social Hour Hosts - Adults Oskar Schmidt
X Social Hour Music Maestro Scott Blaydon
  Social Hour Sign Up Manager - for Kids  
X Star Island Annual Fund Coordinator Jamie & Paul Jenson
X Starlite Cafe Hosts Paul Jensen and John Freund
  Starlite Cafe Helpers  
X Talent Show Emcee Peter Trufahnestock
X Tie Dye (For Adults) Managers Jessica Robideaux-Leger

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