LAST UPDATED: February 12, 2019 CONFEREE COUNT: 84

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= New to LOAS Conference


Denise Adams Ridgewood, New Jersey
Carlo Bertani Brooklyn, New York
Catalina Bertani Brooklyn, New York
Austino Blaydon Feasterville, Pennsylvania
Austino Blaydon Feasterville, Pennsylvania
Rachael Blaydon Feasterville, Pennsylvania
Eva Cameron Gloucester, Massachusetts
Shari Caruso Newfoundland, New Jersey
June Cerveny Sayville, New York
Brendon Chetwynd Maynard, Massachusetts
Danielle Chetwynd Maynard, Massachusetts
James Chetwynd Maynard, Massachusetts
Kirsten Chetwynd Maynard, Massachusetts
Liz Cooper Still River, Massachusetts
Baby Dahab Bay Shore, New York
Carolyn Dahab Brightwaters, New York
Emily Dahab Bay Shore, New York
Rich Dahab Brightwaters, New York
William Dahab Bay Shore, New York
Catherine Davis Montclair, New Jersey
Pam Davis Utica, New York
Madison Duckenfield Feasterville, Pennsylvania
Victor Finizio Portland, Oregon
David Fleenor Queens, New York
Ali Gibson Bristol, Vermont
Mark Gibson Bristol, Vermont
Sammy Gibson Bristol, Vermont
Calvin Gomez Brooklyn, New York
Charlie Gomez Brooklyn, New York
Dan Gomez Brooklyn, New York
Leslie Gross-Davis Montclair, New Jersey
Mary Heafy Marlborough, New Hampshire
Joanna Henderson New London, New Hampshire
David House Rehoboth, Massachusetts
June House Rehoboth, Massachusetts
John Hunter Athens, Ontario, CAN
Kathleen Hunter Derry, New Hampshire
Aziz Huq Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth Hutchinson New York, New York
Kimberly Johnson East Hampton, New York
Jens Kulstad Ridgewood, New Jersey
Jane Ladner Ijamsville, Maryland
Margaret Ladner Chicago, Illinois
Robert Ladner Ijamsville, Maryland
Sarah Ladner Gomez Brooklyn, New York
Corin Ladner-Huq Chicago, Illinois
Kian Ladner-Huq Chicago, Illinois
Jane Lehmberg Newfoundland, New Jersey
Paul Lietar Providence, Rhode Island
Alexander MacKay Athens, Ontario, CAN
Duncan MacKay Athens, Ontario, CAN
Bettina Mayer Croton on Hudson, New York
Albert Morgillo Croton on Hudson, New York
Julianna Morgillo Croton-on-Hudson, New York
Cindy Poss Washington, District of Columbia
Anthony Psaris Coram, New York
Rachelle Psaris Coram, New York
Annie Quest Westminster West, Vermont
Mary Ransegnola Riverdale, New Jersey
Ellen Schmidt Ithaca, New York
Oskar Schmidt Ithaca, New York
Raj Sehgal Washington, District of Columbia
Xander Sehgal Washington, District of Columbia
Xena Sehgal Washington, District of Columbia
Dana Shoults Littleton, Massachusetts
Diane Shriver Arlington, Massachusetts
John Shriver Arlington, Massachusetts
Amy Strano Queens, New York
Dorothy Strano-Bennett Queens, New York
Bethany Swanson South Hamilton, Massachusetts
Ian Swanson South Hamilton, Massachusetts
Kenneth Swanson South Hamilton, Massachusetts
Heather Troyer Ridgewood, New Jersey
Noah Troyer Ridgewood, New Jersey
Natalie Troyer-Kulstad Ridgewood, New Jersey
Oliver Troyer-Kulstad Ridgewood, New Jersey
Kendra Trufahnestock Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Nadia Trufahnestock Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Peter Trufahnestock Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Eleanor Willard Still River, Massachusetts
Wendell Willard Still River, Massachusetts
Richard Wilson Laconia, New Hampshire
Wendy Wilson Laconia, New Hampshire
Pamela Young-Lietar Providence, Rhode Island


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